Afi Esca

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Founded in Strasbourg almost 100 years ago, AFI ESCA France operates in the life insurance market.

It designs life insurance, savings and borrower insurance solutions as well as individual asset protection with good expertise in Key-Person formulas and associated cross-contracts, which it distributes through more than 3,500 brokers spread over the whole of France. The company has 3 distribution networks:

  • The French brokerage network made up of 24 regional delegates, and specialising in borrower and provident insurance
  • The Afi Esca Patrimoine network, dedicated to savings, providence and pensions
  • The funeral network for which Afi Esca has surrounded itself with 4 wholesale broker partners

250 employees are distributed over 2 sites: the head office in Strasbourg and a second site based in Lille, which are historically the locations of the two head offices of ESCA Prévoyance and AFI Europe, the two companies having merged there is ten years old now.

With its expertise, AFI ESCA aims to provide ever more services and quality in its relationship with its broker partners. This is why it makes every effort to offer them quality product solutions, services and tools in order to develop their business while benefiting from quality commercial support.

Today, AFI ESCA aims for an innovation with action policy in creditor insurance by distinguishing itself on the market by the simplicity and the unprecedented level of coverage of its contract, but also by tools and services for the benefit of business development and the profitability of its broker partners.

In savings, the company is gradually moving towards the target of professionals in Wealth Management Consulting. It intends to rely on its Luxembourg offer to attract them in the future and has launched a portal dedicated to them.

Company Information

28 April 2021

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